Whiterussian RC4 - wrt54g

November 23.-án kijött egy új Openwrt firmware (Whiterussian rc4), linksys wrt54g routerekhez (5.0 alattiakhoz!)

Letölthető innen!

- web administration console written in awk and ash
it is included by default in our release!!
- watchdog for client mode and wds
- stability fix for Linksys WRT54GS v1.1 and WRT54Gv2.2
- public key authentication for dropbear,
dropbear now use /etc/dropbear/authorized_keys
- security updates for openvpn, openswan and openssl
- mtd supports flash update via stdin,
update with 8 MB RAM systems possible
- better busybox ash performance reduces boot time
- new hotplug system for systemwide eventmanagement
(network, usb, ppp), see /etc/hotplug.d
- iptables/netfilter package split
- support for Linksys wrt54g3g added,
no cardbus support integrated yet
- enable ebtables again
- fix a lot of packages like asterisk, pptpd, ..
- fix diag driver bug introduced in rc3
- micro and pptp images for special purpose